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The criminal law field is ever expanding and changing and the changes are not as stark as the effect of criminal law on foreign born nationals.

In every criminal case, the accused must make a life changing decision – whether to plea to what the Commonwealth or State has to offer or utilize the full plethora of procedural rights and make the government prove its case.

At Yacub Law Office we understand these decisions and their implication on an immigrants' legal status. With this understanding, Yacub Law Office negotiates with prosecutors in reaching agreements which will not adversely affect the accused right to remain in the United States. And if the prosecutor is unwilling to cooperate, Yacub Law Office tries these cases. We understand that immigrants face not only possible criminal sentences, but a conviction could also trigger an involuntary separation of the client from the family.

Ultimately the decision to accept a plea offer is solely within the client's judgment. At Yacub Law Office, we inform the client of the eventual consequences of accepting a plea offer, always keeping in mind how such a plea offer will affect the immigration status.

Yacub Law Office represents clients who are charged with:


Assault and Battery

Sexual Offenses


Reentry After Deportation



Yacub Law Office represents accused in every court in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. Maryland cases are handled by our partners at Jezic Krum & Moyse, experienced criminal and civil attorneys in the State of Maryland. They are located at www.jezicfirm.com.