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Police misconduct, in particular by immigration officials, is becoming an everyday occurrence.
Countless times, immigrants tell stories of immigration officers arriving at their homes at 5:00 am. The officers do not have a warrant, brandish their weapons and conduct a search of everyone's immigration status. This police state scenario happens on a daily basis in every major metropolitan area in the United States.

Yacub Law Office is dedicated to put a stop to this and other unlawful conduct. Yacub Law Office has successfully litigated police brutality - excessive force - cases, litigated unlawful detention of immigrants at the hands of immigration officers.

Yacub Law Office handles the following cases:
  • Federal Torts Claim Act
  • Bivens Claims
  • Excessive Force Cases
  • False Compensation and False Imprisonment
When law enforcement uses excessive force, detains someone without cause, Yacub Law Office will defend your rights. Our experienced attorneys trained in civil and immigration litigation will be at your side. You will receive a realistic assessment of liability and compensation. The attorneys and the paralegal teams will work to defend your rights in state or federal courts.